Contact: Ana Garco
Phone: +52 (33) 3476 7623


EVE (Espacio Visual Europa) Stands designs, creates and installs stands for fairs and events, develops projects of technological innovation applied to marketing in commercial stands and spaces, and offers consulting in customer experience innovation, corporative and institutional design projects, and master strategic plans for brand value enhancement and positioning.

EVE Stands also designs, produces and installs creative and innovative permanent and temporary exhibits. EVE Stands develops projects involving spatial creativity, composition of visual and experiential narrative, and strategic commercial deployment, and also designs and produces product and service image and positioning projects with a unique and differentiated profile.


With a uniquely innovative outlook, EVE Stands creates and produces ephemeral architectural projects, exhibits, experience design, narratives, differentiated visual spaces, and technological solutions for the communication and positioning of products and services. EVE designs and creates immersive commercial scenography that appeals to all of the viewer’s senses.

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EVE Stands develops new technological systems applied to spatial narrative by utilizing innovative elements to produce a friendly and accessible dissemination of commercial and institutional contents, regardless of their dimensions.

EVE provides custom-made solutions for all communication programs and goals for brand dissemination and positioning. EVE specializes in cutting-edge technological solutions such as commercial mapping, virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive experiences, interactive floors, beacons, multimedia interactivity, as well as high tech scenography, decoration and special effects, among others.

EVE Stands designs and creates thematic stands and exhibits anywhere in the world. We also have a wide catalog of temporary exhibits for lease.

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EVE designs, programs and creates temporary and permanent thematic exhibits.

Our projects are always proposed and presented taking into account our client’s spatial and budget requirements as well as the duration of the exhibit, as in the case of travelling exhibits for cultural centers and museums.

EVE proposes innovative museographic strategies to meet the demands of the most advanced museum projects.

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EVE’s team of outstanding and specialized professionals in project design and management will ensure that your projects are completed on schedule and within budget.

More than 25 years of experience in commercial and trade fairs have provided us with an extensive body of knowledge that we put to work in the service of your project.

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